We Recover Oil Vapor to Gasoline

The oil vapor is discharged to the atmosphere through a vent pipe connected to the gas station's underground tank.

Like steam, oil vapor turns into a liquid when the temperature drops below the dew point.

Using this principle, the liquefaction machine can be connected with a vent pipe and returned to liquid gasoline before the oil vapor is released into the atmosphere.

The Stage III recovery system is therefore essential and can be profitable while reducing vapor emissions to zero.

Structure Overview


Safety is the priority as the oil vapor has high flammability. GASminer only works in a cooling method, guaranteeing safety. It is much safer and cost-efficient than pressure-relative vapor recovery system . However, GASminer can liquidate 99% of gasoline from oil vapor which is world recording.

The liquidate chamber of GASminer was designed based on thermodynamics and gas dynamics. While the oil vapor passes the chamber, GASminer can recover more than 99% of gasoline.

  • Large Capacity: Liquidate 99% of Gasoline component from oil vapor
  • 25L Per Second, Capacity Guaranteed
  • Relatively low operational price ($20 Per Month)Frost Free
  • Zero Failure / Semi-permanent use
  • Pressure-free open structure
  • Quadruple safety structure
  • Price competitive production cost


Oil vapor becomes very dangerous when the heat and pressure surges. However, GASminer has a system to decrease both heat and pressure. Also, the center of the machine is protected by layers of iron and insulation.

Low Pressure, Low Temperature, Opened 24 hours

Easy installation

Installation is completed by connecting power and ventilation pipe, automatic temperature control, explosion-proof switch applied, time required for about 2 hours, gasoline can be collected from the next day after installation

Approval of installation by relevant organizations

This product has been officially reported and approved for installation by the Environment Division of Uijeongbu City Hall.

How to Calculate Your Gas Station's Revenue

Gasminers offer the lowest cost and excellent performance, but verifying profitability from an individual gas station's point of view is ultimately directly related to the daily sales volume, temperature, and consumer price of gasoline at that gas station.

Therefore, gas stations in areas with high daily sales volume, high temperatures, and high gasoline prices can quickly recoup their installation costs and earn profits.

Gas Station Revenue

Specifications and price

Optimal products suitable for field conditions

- Gas stations with recovery facilities such as Stages I and II and those that do not have a different liquefaction mechanism.

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