Stage III VRU, GASminer Recover Oil Vapor to Gasoline

The oil vapor is discharged to the atmosphere through a vent pipe connected to the gas station's underground tank.

Like steam, oil vapor turns into a liquid when the temperature drops below the dew point.

Using this principle, the liquefaction machine can be connected with a vent pipe and returned to liquid gasoline before the oil vapor is released into the atmosphere.

Our GASminer does not perform any physical treatment on oil vapor. GASminer is equipped with a unique technology that effectively liquefies oil vapor purely through cooling technology. Oil vapor passes through the GASminer's liquefaction chamber while maintaining the pressure discharged from the tank, making it very safe.

Structure of GASminer

From the user's perspective, the gas miner is designed to minimize size, have a semi-permanent lifespan, and be easy to maintain. The cooling liquefaction device is located at the top and is triple sealed with stainless steel, insulation, and steel, making it very stable. The lower refrigeration unit is detachable from the main body, making maintenance simple.

  • Very safe structure with separate cooling room and cooling device
  • Adoption of explosion-proof certified switch
  • Cooling chamber : heat exchange between incoming oil vapor and refrigerant
  • Vent pipe : Piping that introduces oil vapor from the vent pipe or sends external air to the vent pipe.
  • Gasoline discharger : Valve that discharges liquefied gasoline
  • Cooling unit : A device that supplies refrigerant to the cooling room
  • Controller : Controls power and operation

Quick installation

If you connect it to the ventilation pipe and turn on the power and operation switch, it automatically operates 365 days a year without the need for any other operation.

Specification, Price and Features

  • Explosion-proof switch adopted as standard
  • Explosion proof totalizing flow meter is optional.
  • Select appropriate product specifications according to emission volume per minute
  • GASminerX: Discharge of 3,000 liters per minute
  • GASminerS: Discharge of 2,500 liters per minute
  • GASminerE: Discharge of 2,000 liters per minute
  • If a large volume is discharged, two or more units can be installed in parallel or manufactured as a special order design.

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