We have an oil field in the middle of the city.

This oil field is the smallest and cleanest oil field in the world. And it is an oil field that only mines ready-to-use gasoline. That's why it's called GASminer.

Our GASminer is a device that is installed at a gas station to mine gasoline from oil vapor discharged into the atmosphere. Since there are many gas stations in the city, we can install a lot of GASminers. In other words, we will be the company that owns the largest number of oil fields, albeit on a very small scale..

The amount and value that can be recovered with gasoline every year is amazing. The magnitude of value is directly related to temperature as well as gasoline consumption. Recovering and recycling discarded or incinerated oil vapors can contribute greatly not only to environmental protection but also to the economy.

Based on 0.164% in Korea and 0.136% in the United States, the contribution rate due to temperature difference is estimated to be 0.0096%.


Using the average temperature of each country and the temperature sensitivity of oil vapor generation, the amount of oil vapor generation in each country can be estimated as follows.

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