Emglobal Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures, and sells the GASminer, an urban oil field mining machine that produces gasoline from oil vapor (VOC) emitted from gas stations.

Emglobal Co., Ltd. develops the GASminer, a device that recovers and liquefies volatile organic compounds (VOC). Oil vapor is a variety of environmental pollutants emitted from gas stations and various chemical plants, is a greenhouse gas precursor that creates ozone, and is also a class 1 carcinogen. These air emissions waste expensive resources such as gasoline and solvents.

The GASminer we developed proves that the oil vapor recovery business can create great added value by providing the best performance and safety at the lowest cost.

Emissions of gasoline vapor inevitably occur at gas stations. This is because the pressure and temperature of the storage tank rise when a tanker truck fills the storage tank and when fuel is injected into a car.

According to data from the U.S. EPA, when a tank truck stores gasoline at a gas station, 0.136% of the gasoline poured into the tank is emitted as oil vapor.

Based on 0.164% in Korea and 0.136% in the United States, the contribution rate due to temperature difference is estimated to be 0.0096%.


Using the average temperature of each country and the temperature sensitivity of oil vapor generation, the amount of oil vapor generation in each country can be estimated as follows.

As Is gasoline vapor recovery system at gas stations(VRU)

Stage I recovery system

A system that collects and processes oil vapor by loading it on a tank truck that transports oil and transporting it to an oil storage station


No profit for the gas station, The risk of accidents during transport, the cost of post-transport treatment.

Stage II recovery device

Oil vapor recovery system that sucks oil vapor from the vehicle’s tank and sends it to the gas station’s underground tank when refueling the vehicle


-High installation cost

-The recovered oil vapor is discharged back to the vent pipe

The optimal solution is to install a Stage III((VRU for Filling Station) oil vapor liquefaction recovery device.

Existing first and second stage devices do not have an immediate liquefaction function. Since the oil vapor is transported in a tank truck, it is very inefficient, dangerous, and does not provide any benefit to the gas station.

An advanced method is needed to immediately recycle resources by efficiently recovering and liquefying oil vapor. The Stage III devices we manufacture overcome the limitations of existing Stages I and II and dramatically meet the needs of gas stations. GASminer, our Satage III recovery device, ensures maximum performance, reliability and profitability.

Looking for Partnership

We developed GASminer in Korea, but we recognize the need to expand the market to Southeast Asia and mass production in a better environment. For this reason, we are looking for a good partner from two perspectives.


We hope to confirm GASminer's marketability and business feasibility and cooperate with a partner who can aggressively promote marketing, sales, and maintenance business at local gas stations to improve partnership trust.


In the long term, we plan to supply products to the Korean market as well as offshore production targeting the Southeast Asian and European markets. Therefore, we hope to find a capable partner who can join us in the production base business of importing semi-finished products from Korea, assembling them locally, and producing finished products.

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