Emglobal Co., Ltd. develops GASminer, an urban oil field mining machine that produces gasoline from oil vapor(VOCs) emitted from gas stations.

Emglobal Co., Ltd. develops GASminer, a device that recovers and liquefies oil vapor, that is, volatile organic compounds (VOC). Oil vapor is emitted from gas stations, laundries and various chemical plants and is composed of various environmental pollutants, a greenhouse gas that produces ozone, and contains a group 1 carcinogen. Also, expensive gasoline and solvents disappear as they are emitted into the atmosphere.

The GASminer developed by us proves that the business of recovering oil vapor can create great added value by providing the best performance at the lowest cost. It is also the safest oil vapor recovery system.

It is an urban oilfield project that mines ready-to-use gasoline without emitting any pollutants in a city built by humans. GASminer can also be referred to as an urban oil field mining machine that mines urban oil fields. Even if only 10 countries with high profitability are counted as valid markets, there are gas stations that can install more than 150,000 gas stations, and the sales market size of GASminer alone reaches $2.3 billion.

Emission of the gasoline vapor happens inevitably at the gas station; When the tank truck is refilling storage tank, cars are refueling, and the pressure & temperature of storage tanks increase.

As Is gasoline vapor recovery system at gas stations

Stage I recovery system: A system that collects and processes oil vapor by loading it on a tank truck that transports oil and transporting it to an oil storage station

Problems: No profit for the gas station, The risk of accidents during transport, the cost of post-transport treatment.

Stage II recovery device: Oil vapor recovery system that sucks oil vapor from the vehicle’s tank and sends it to the gas station’s underground tank when refueling the vehicle


-High installation cost

-Short life

-The recovered oil vapor is discharged back to the vent pipe

Importance and Economic Requirements for Stage III Gasoline Vapor Recovery System

Stage III oil vapor recovery facility is a device to solve the problem that the oil vapor is eventually discharged into the atmosphere and causes environmental pollution and economic loss despite the existing Stage I and II installations.

Gas stations have already invested a lot of money, so it is of utmost importance to ensure profitability at a low cost along with performance for Stage III.

Our gas miner is the world's only oil vapor liquefaction device developed to ensure the profitability of gas stations.

Since the GASminer does not pressurize, it cannot be more dangerous than a pressurized VRU. Since it is cooled much lower than the original temperature, the safety level is rather higher. In addition, since there is no need for a compressor or a pressure control device to increase the pressure, the manufacturing cost is inevitably the lowest. Operation and operation are also very simple.

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