Our Company Emglobal, Inc. preserves environments and human beings from Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs).

There are about 1 million gas stations on the planet. These gas stations continuously release oil vapors into the atmosphere. EM Global Co., Ltd. is a company established to protect the environment and humans by developing and supplying a gas miner (GASminer), a stage III oil vapor liquefaction recovery device that solves the problem of this vapor.

Oil Vapor


Leaking of the VOCs happens inevitably at the gas station; When the tank lorry is loading & unloading, cars are refueling, and the pressure & temperature of oil tanks increase.

Oil vapor negatively impacts our health and wellbeing as it carries class 1 carcinogen VOCs(Benzene)

Problems with the existing gasoline vapor recovery system installed at gas stations

Stage I recovery system: A system that collects and processes oil vapor by loading it on a tank truck that transports oil and transporting it to an oil storage station

Problems: The risk of accidents during transport, the cost of post-transport treatment, and the efficiency of liquefaction after transport to the storage station are unclear (no public data)

Stage II recovery device: Oil vapor recovery system that sucks oil vapor from the vehicle’s tank and sends it to the gas station’s underground tank when refueling the vehicle


-High installation cost

-Short life

-The recovered oil vapor is discharged back to the vent pipe

We solve these problem completely with GASminer.

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